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What Our Customers Have To Say.

Jackie B. from Katy TX
"After a few years of being a Texas Foam Brothers customer, I'm so happy with their services. They only get better by the day I love them. It is a long drive for me from Katy to Houston. I know they have delivery service but I love to go there when I have an opportunity because it feels like I'm visiting my family. All of them are so friendly, always a nice smile of welcome back and full of good energy, no matter how busy they are. If I'm buying only a single piece of foam, it feels like they appreciate the business without discrimination. Business is business but they give you more, great services, great product, great prices and an awesome welcome back. All of this is what I want to get every time I go shopping. I hope you will have the opportunity to visit them if it is only to check it out. This place is amazing and here are some pictures so you can get an idea how big it is and how many different types of foam there are. I'm a happy customer. I highly recommend it to all of you that are looking to buy any size of foam without paying for extra that you will not need."