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We Custom Cut All Your Foam Needs
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Choose from Various Types of Foam

Whether you need a particular version of foam for your outdoor patio furniture, packaging options or even bedding, enlist the experts of Foam Brothers Inc today! 

Featured foams include conventional foam, outdoor foam and memory foam. The largest size available is 82" x 96" with larger sizes being glued to meet requested dimensions.

Conventional Foams


  • Indoor seating

  • Bedding Applications

  • Large variety to choose from

Outdoor foams (Dryfast foam)

  • Specialized for outdoor applications

  • Allows water and other liquids to flow through it

  • Anti-microbial solutions

  • Learn more now

Memory Foam

  • Temperature-sensitive foam responds to body heat
  • Molds and contours perfectly to your body

  • Superior pressure relief reduces back pain

  • Available in 4 lb Density