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Add the Finishing Touches with Ease

Whether you need to bond foam to foam with glue spray or are interested in a bulk order of cotton batting, Foam Brothers Inc can help! Available in various sizes, the wide selection of accessories make it easy to complete your project properly while keeping your budget in check with competitive pricing.


  • Carried by roll or by bale
  • Each roll is 27” wide and 18 – 22 lbs. per roll
  • Also known as cotton batting
  • Can be used for padding in arms, seats and backs

Cluster Fiber Roll

  • Synthetic fill of polyester clusters coated with silicone to imitate down
  • Gives softness and appeal of a true down pillow without the cost
  • Fantastic for allergy sufferers


  • Sell it by rolls of 27”, 30 “, 54” and 60”
  • Utilized to wrap cushions on chairs and sofas

Bouncy Springs

  • Known as No-Sag springs or Zig-Zag springs
  • Commonly used for ottomans, chairs, and sofas (seats and backs)
  • Install quickly, no hand-tie needed
  • Fastened with clips and no-sag nails
  • Available in two stiffness types: Firm 9 gauge, 120 ft. reel (seats and ottomans) and Soft 11 gauge roll, 42” 600 yard roll (chairs and sofas)

Black Dust Cover

  • lso known as Black Cambric
  • Used to cover the bottom of sofas
  • Available in rolls of 36”, 100 yard roll and 42”, 600 yard roll

Glue Spray

  • Foam and fabric spray adhesive
  • Bonds foam, paper, wood and carpet backing
  • Fast drying
  • Wide web spray nozzles
  • 12 oz. can / 12 cans per case